Jeanette, originally from Switzerland migrated to Florida in 1997 where she practices Radical Forgiveness, Soul Healing, and Pranic Healing. She is passionate about inspiring, empowering and guiding people on their journeys to self-mastery. She has had many years of experience and is a compassionate, caring and extremely patient life coach, drawing insights and wisdom from her professional and personal life.

Jeanette’s search for a healing modality that is able to provide a profound change for a more meaningful and fulfilled life, led her to Radical Forgiveness studying under its founder Colin Tipping receiving a Radical Living Master Coach degree. Jeanette instructs and provides a loving atmosphere for the simple yet profound techniques of Radical Forgiveness that transforms the deepest wounds to love and acceptance of self and others at a practical and spiritual level.

Combining Soul Healing with Pranic Healing Jeanette also offers a technique that lovingly guides you through the release of negative core beliefs that have created unnecessary and unhappy situations in life and brings one back to a feeling of wholeness and well-being. Jeanette uses these amazing gifts in a gentle and non-intrusive manner to return one to a feeling of unconditional love and a feeling of liberation.