After our unbelievable adventure rafting the Colorado River in the Grand Canyonand our exhausting hike out and the travel back to Flagstaffwe picked up our luggage we stored in the hotel before going on our rafting adventure. Then we checked into the ski lodge, right outside of Flagstaff that was nestled under trees overlooking the city. Ahhhh nature.

The next morning we took a gondola ride up the hill overlooking the whole valley.

What next?

As soon as we got to the top of the mountain, we looked down and we were already bored and done with it. lol,  It was nice but nothing compared to what we had just done in the Grand Canyon. So we looked at the map that was displayed up there. I saw a Canyon not too far away. So we drove down the mountain and 30 min outside of Flagstaff to Walnut Canyon.

Are there really Walnuts in the Walnut Canyon?

We Florida Girls had never heard of the Walnut Canyon and had no idea what to expect.  We were happily surprised by the beauty and history of this Canyon.

When we were driving into the parking lot, it was flat and covered by trees you would never expect a canyon to be there. We paid the fees then went on our walk about. To our surprise that canyon had hundreds of man made caves one after another along the canyon walls. Side by side row after row. These were made into dwellings by the Sinagua people around 1220. In 1250CE they left mysteriously.


The holes you see are the individual dwelling that would house one family

I would say the Walnut Canyon is a must see when you are in Flagstaff Arizona.

We had asked our self, why is it called the Walnut Canyon? Is it because of the shape of it? We did not see any Walnuts. So we asked,

And yes, this canyon has its name because of the Walnut trees 🙂


Our next stop on this trip will be Sedona and the beautiful red rocks

Sedona – and the Magic of the Red Rocks



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