Does Jet lag get to you sometime?

This is how I manage my Travel

First, is important is that your body is full of good nutrients, at all times, not just when we are traveling
  1. Eat healthy, no processed food, and I know this is hard for most people.
  2. Remove dietary sugar
  3. Burning fat is better than burning sugar


What is JetLag

JetLeg is Dehydration combined with stress, bad Food and time perception


My travel ritual

Before Flying

#1 Hydrate really good well before flying.

Don’t wait till you are dehydrated, because then its already too late to Hydrate.

  1. Hydrate 2 to 3 days in advance, drink lots and lots of water or good fresh vegetable juice
  2. 2.Hydrate really heavy day of flying
  3. And especially while flying, keep Hydrating

#2 Plan your food. 

The food provided in Airplane is provided by lowest biter. It’s the lowest class food if it is actually still considered food. Here is what it’s safer to do.

  1. 1.Eat well before you fly, so you won’t be tempted to eat on the plane
  2. 2.Bring snacks, healthy snacks, like celery sticks, raw nuts, healthy chips, seaweed

#3 Adjust your time on your watch

  1. 1.Adjust your watch 1 day before you fly to the time zone where you are flying to
  2. 2.Tell your body its already this time. Eat according to the time zone you are flying to. This means if its morning the place you are flying but its evening were you are at, eat your breakfast etc.
  3. 3.This is all physiological, so just tell your body and eat and live according to that time you are flying to.

Once you have arrived at the destination

#4 Once you have arrived at your destination,

  1. 1.stop thinking about the time you came from. STOP. Just think about the time you are in, this is your time, not the time you came from. This is a mantra, they do work. Do not remind your body of your time you came from. DO NOT. Very important.

#5 Immediately force new timezone to your body

  1. 1.Stay up as long as you can before you go to bed, your body will sleep much better and you will sleep longer in morning


If you have a hard time going to sleep on the plane or after, take some melatonin pills, far better then sleeping pills, its natural. Our body proceeds melatonin right before sleeping, therefore taking melatonin is far better than to take sleeping pills. I am an all natural eating girl, but quite frankly,  I do take sleeping pills, because I really want to sleep well on the plane and the next day after in hotel. This is helping me with adjusting to the new time zone and I won’t have Jet leg.  You can also supplement with some magnesium, this will also help you sleep.



by Eric Edmeades