Arizona has always been one of my favorite states in America, especially the city of Sedona has a special place in my heart. I love the overall energy, the landscaping with its beautiful red rocks, the people …….


My daughter and I traveled to Sedona after our wild adventure rafting the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon, hiking up to the south rim of the Canyon and visiting Flagstaff, and the walnut Canyon. It’s been quite an adventure so far, and this is our last stop before flying back home to Florida. I have been to Sedona once with my parents when my daughter was only  6 years old. We only stopped there real quick because we were on the drive through. I always wanted to come back here, and explore it some more.

Tip- Therefore visiting Sedona while we are already in Flagstaff only made sense to me. I like to travel and make it convenient and see as much as I can while at a place. The flight is probably one of the more expensive things when planning a trip, so why not take a few more days off and see everything you can while at a destination. You don’t have to stay at expensive hotels. There are youth hostels and grocery stores to buy food at. It’s actually quite fun to buy some groceries and have a picnic somewhere in nature. And do the restaurant once in a while. More about that on my tips while traveling page.

We only stayed one evening, I figured this would be enough time to explore, then we got there in the morning and had till later in afternoon. We had evening flight back to Florida.

We checked into our hotel, then we went into the town center.

The Pink Jeep tour

When we walked through the town, we saw an advertising sign for the pink Jeep tour. Both my daughter and I have Jeep Wranglers.  As a Jeep lover, we had to go on the pink Jeep tour, driving up and down through the red rocks of Sedona. It’s a must do in our book !…… How could we not do this tour?…. In Florida, we have beaches we take the Jeep to, but no rocks and mountains to drive over. So that was heaven for us. … yehhhhhh…. We were excited. Of course, we wanted to drive it our self, but since we could not, we picked the seat all the way in the back. It was the best seat in the house right after the front seat (which was taken lol)

We drove over rocks, up and down. It was fun. Then we came to a big platform overlooking the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. WOW!………


Course the two silly Girls we are, we had to take some great pictures

This place has been great, but its time to go back. We drove over some more rocks and a steep ramp down and we got back to  the town where we started.

Back in town we looked at all the shops and went back to our hotel. We wanted to to get ready for dinner.

The next morning we had a relaxing nice Breakfast at our Hotel, and off we went to some outlook place and a church. Then drove back to the Airport to fly back home to Florida