Imagine sitting on beautiful white sandy beaches with the crashing on crystal clear waves all around you, exploring captivating islands, and swimming with sharks and sting rays. This was our 10 day trip to the gorgeous islands of Tahiti.

Tahiti and Bora Bora have been on my daughter’s bucket list for a while. She is only 16 and truly wanted to go there. A-16-year old with her mom. Mmmmm…..  I told her that this is a very romantic place that needs to be experienced with a romantic partner you really love. Someone you really love….. But there was no man in my life.

I was looking at different travels we can go on, but nothing really stuck out to me. My daughter really wanted to go to Tahiti and Bora Bora and pictures looked awesome. Then after thinking for a while and my words kept on going around in my head….   ‘you really have to go there with a person you truly love…!!! ‘ My words …..’ a person you truly love….. ‘  yes of course!   It’s my own daughter!   …….    There is no better person to go there, then with my own daughter..   the person I love the most in this life, my soul mate forever, my baby Girl. We both wanted to go, and maybe we will never have the chance to go again! So NOW is the perfect time!!!

“We are going to Tahiti !!!   You and I … “  I told my daughter full of joy. “I would not want to go there with anyone else, then with you, the love of my life. Let’s make this trip a celebration of our life. The new beginning of a beautiful life….   Let’s go and show the world how beautiful life can be and is!!!!!”  Needless to say, she was sooooo excited about my decision. She loved the idea that we are celebrating a new beginning. Celebrating life!!  Our life! 

So I started to really look into it.

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Planning this trip

What Island to go to?    They all looked beautiful in their own way. I wanted to see them all, experience all of them. After all, I may never have the chance to go back there.

I could not decide.  Then, it came to me. “Wait….. I don’t have to decide… I can go see them all!! That’s the beauty of life. Everything is our decision. We can do what we want to do when we want to do them. Once you have figured this out in life, everything becomes clear and so much more fun.

Tahiti has two cruise ships that go around. A motorized ship and a sailboat. The Motorized ship looked too commercial.  I love sailing.. !!!   The stillness, the sound of the sails flapping in the wind and the waves crashing onto the hall of the boat. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Just perfect for the place we are going to.

So I booked to be on the Windstar sail boat for 1 week to explore all the islands.


But….    you can’t go to Tahiti without staying at one of the above water Bungalows. RIGHT??? !!! …..     Therefore I booked 2 nights at the Sofitel in Moorea after our cruise and before flying back home. It was one of the cheaper above water bungalows in Tahiti.


The start of our trip

We flew from Florida to San Francisco to drive down to LA on the Pacific Coast highway before flying to Tahiti. We wanted to get adjusted to the time difference slowly before going on our big trip. Time difference from LA to Tahiti is 3 hr. And from Florida to LA is 3 hr. So we had the chance to adjust in 3 hr increments instead of a 1-time adjustment of 6hr.

Read From San Francisco to LA on Pacific Coast Highway

We are off on our adventure

We arrived with Air Tahiti flying from LA to Papeete – Tahiti.

The next day we boarded the beautiful Windstar with 117 passengers. There were 100 workers on our sailboat, that truly meant we got first class treatment! We felt like royalty.

Once boarded, we found our cabin, showered and got ready for the sail away party. We thought that would be like every sail away party on a cruise ship. Oh boy….   we were sooooooo wrong.  It was already getting little darker outside. The music that was played was Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis.

Then slowly starting with the front mast…. the mast was lid up and the first sail slowly opened. Once that was open, the second mast was lit up and the sail opened until all 4 white sails were open and the sailboat was magnificently presented in its full glory.  It was absolutely beautiful. And even more dramatically enhanced with that particular music that was played.

First stop, Island of Moorea

To get off the sail boat we had to go down some flights of stairs to reach a dingy that took us to the island. the sailboat usually just anchored, then the islands did not have a port. When we got off the boat we were greeted by several natives and were picked up by our tour guide in his van. When we got to the site where we will be…(drum roll).    ATVing around the whole island!!!   Yehhhhh.         It was an amazing tour, we got to see the whole island and we had an amazing time doing so!  🙂 The natives are so friendly. The islands do not get too many tourists, so the natives are very happy to show us their beautiful Paradis. And absolutely beautiful it is.

behind us is the Sofitel Hotel where we will be staying in 1 week for 2 nights before flying back home.

Do research ahead of time so you have more time at your destination

I booked this ATV tour from home. This takes away wasting time and stress when you just get to a beautiful destination trying to figure out what to do. I do research at home about a place, then when I get there I have a pretty good understanding of what there is to do and what I want to do. I am pretty spontaneous, but knowledge ahead is always a good thing. So I booked something for the first day, then for the other days, we played it by ear and our mood that day.

Next stop coral reef at the Island of Tahaa 

We did not step foot onto the island of Tahaa itself. Our sailboat just anchored and we got picked up by a dingy that took us to a small island next to Tahaa where we went snorkeling in a beautiful coral reef. There was a slight current, so you just lay in the water with your mask and snorkel looking down to all the beautiful corrals while you drifted down stream.  Then we walked up stream again on the little island to do it all over. That was amazing. The water is crystal clear and all the fish very colorful.


Sailing Away

Every time our Windstar sailboat would sail away to the next island, they played the music while setting the sails. Every time it was amazing and something you could not grow tired off. Also, it seemed like when we sailed to the next destination, the way the boat sailed to the next island, it was always perfectly positioned with the island and the sun set for the perfect view. It was always a dream 🙂

Next stop Kayaking at Raiatea 

We had booked a kayaking trip into the island. Kayaking through the beautiful island with it jungly landscape was absolutely breath taking. These islands reminded me of the islands of Hawaii, but only with absolutely no tourism. It’s nature at its purest.


What a nice relaxing day that was.

Making lay on Board

That evening when we got back on board, couple native ladies and gentlemen showed us how to make flower lay and thought us how to dance.


Next stop Bora Bora for 2 days

We went on a snorkeling Adventure with stingrays and shark,  then off to a Motu (little island around Bora Bora.)


Once again, out big sailboat just anchors right outside the Island of Bora Bora and we were picked up by a little dingy to take us snorkeling.

We were about 14 people on this little boat and we stop in a lagoon. We were told, this is it…      all the black tip shark and sting rays were waiting for us in the water ! ……  No one wanted to go in. I guess they were all afraid. I figured, if they bring us, tourists, here, these sharks are friendly. Sharks don’t want to eat this old human meat when they can eat all the fresh fish 🙂

So I told my daughter, let’s jump in…..      So I did and she followed me instantly. She knows she can trust me 100%. I would never steer her wrong. Ever.

After everyone saw us still surviving and no sharks wanting to nibble on us, one by one they came in too.

The water was Cristal clear and the sharks and stingrays absolutely beautiful. The sharks were shy, but the stingrays came right up on us. A little slimy ….. lol but a very cool feeling.

After playing in the water with them for a while, we took off to a Motu (little island in the island ring surrounding Bora Bora)

Natives taught us how to make a sarong which we could keep, then prepared delicious food for us which they served on banana plant leaves that were breaded together to make a plate. It was so amazing. Then we ate on a table that was placed in the water looking at the island Bora Bora. We were in paradise. !!!! literally ….. I could not have imagined being in a better place on this planet than right here with my daughter.

after we ate, they played a little island music before we had to go back.

It was time to leave this beautiful place. But we were not done with Bora Bora yet. We still had tomorrow.

The next day, we toured the island of Bora Bora. We drove up to a look out and visited Bloody Mary’s, a famous restaurant. My daughter was 16, and the legal age to drink is 16. So she ordered a beer, she did not drink it, but it was just for the sake of, yeehhhhh I can order alcohol now. 🙂 Well, I guess I have a beer to drink now. 🙂 Thank god I like beer :). it was very refreshing!


Luau in Bora Bora 

In the evening the crew had a luau planned on one of the Motu’s.

We were picked up by a catamaran and brought to this beautiful island where they already had all the tables set up for our luau.

All the passengers gathered around, and natives played music and danced. It was a wonderful evening with beautiful delicious food



Last island  – Huahine – the laying woman

This island has its name because of its shape. If you look at it from the side, it looks like a woman laying on her side showing her beautiful curves.

This was an absolutely beautiful island. Lots to explore and see

This is also the island where they Grow the vanilla bean. We walked up a hill and saw couple vanilla bean trees. On top of the outlook, we had a beautiful view over the island and the waters.

Then coming down, we stop at an outlook to take pictures of us with our sailboat in the back ground.


Once back on the boat, we changed into our bathing suits and found our way to the back of the boat. Every time the boat would anchor, The crew put out water things like floats, row boats, snorkels ……  Just for the guest that did not want to go to the island.

My daughter and I had a great time entertaining our self on the big floating mats that were tied up to the back of the boat. We ran across them, fell in the water, goofed around and just had the best time offer lives. It’s funny with how little we can be soooo amused.

Everyone is enjoying the boat on our last evening

The beautiful sunsets we had

Our 1 Week on the beautiful Windstar is ending, but we have 2 more days at the Sofitel in Moorea

Above water Bungalows –  Sofitel in Moorea

We had two more nights at the beautiful bungalows. We have already seen the islands, so we can just relax and enjoy.

We did go on a snorkeling trip and I went diving the last day. I don’t want to regret not doing everything I wanted, just in case I never come back here.

Diving in Moorea

The only advantage to diving vs snorkeling in Tahiti is that I could be close up to the bigger sharks. Other than that, I liked snorkeling much better. I saw much more fish that way.


This was an absolutely beautiful trip that is highly recommended by me. And yes, I would go back!